Casting Lots on Television

Yesterday, February 25th,  I had the honor and the privilege of being the guest on the Homekeepers Television Show hosted by Arthelene Rippy.  This was Arthelene’s 3000th show-a milestone rarely attained in television.   To be on television since 1978 and to be on for as long as she has been is quite a testament. She is a wonderful  host and interviewer.
The program  will air on Wednesday, March 4th at 5:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.

It will air on the 16 stations of the CHRISTIAN TELEVISION NETWORK, DIRECT TV #376, DISH TV #267, GLORY STAR TV #117 and the internet.

After it has aired, it will be placed on youtube.  Just go to and click on HOMEKEEPERS.  The program # is HK3000.


I hope you will tune in to watch the show or view it one Youtube!



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