Who was Luke? What does an analysis of his literary works tell us? Do you want to know?

Casting Lots portrays a fictional story of the life of Luke, the author of the Gospel and the author of Acts of the Apostles.  Casting Lots is also the story of the Centurion at the Crucifixion who was described by both Mark and Luke.  My novel then is grounded in Luke’s writings.  Luke’s two works comprise almost 28% of the new Testament, more than any other writer, even Paul.  Without studying Luke, we can not know what one of the earliest writers thought and experienced; we can not know how Christianity spread in the earliest days. We know that Luke was a companion of both Peter and Paul.  How much did they influence him?  More tellingly, how much did Luke influence Paul or Peter?

So who was Luke?  What do his works tells us about him, as well as the spread of Christianity in the earliest days after the crucifixion of Jesus?  What can we learn from his works as to his purpose in writing them?

I recognize that this will be a multi-article blog.  It will take weeks of research to answer these questions, but I think these are of such central importance, I am willing to undertake the task.  Of course, I ask you, my readers, to let me know, if this endeavor is of interest to you.  Feel free to email me at wmceache@bellsouth.net and let me know.

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