Some Views of Capernaum


Jesus’ Activity at the Sea of Galilee

(Also called Lake of Gennesaret and Sea of Tiberias)

Legend for Map Above

1 Calms a storm from the boat

2 Sends demons into swine

3 Feeds 5,000 men

4 Walks on sea

5 Feeds 4,000 men

6 Traditional location of Sermon on the Mount

The bulk of the ministry of Jesus, as reported by Matthew is around the Sea of Galilee.  We know that Jesus preached at the synagogue in Capernaum.  We also know that Jesus lived with Peter in Peter’s house in Capernaum.


The octagonal building in the above picture is the Church marking the location of Peter’s home. The white building in the center is the site of the synagogue, but the synagogue is from the 4th Century AD, not the synagogue at which Jesus taught.  The synagogue where Jesus taught is underneath the 4trh Century synagogue.


Capernaum Jesus Synagogue

This is the remains of the synagogue from the time of Jesus.


Capernaum Temple 1st View

Another view of Ancient Capernaum. The 4th synagogue is visible in the background and is made of white limestone.  The foreground is some of the homes  and other buildings.


Capernaum Temple 2d View

The synagogue from the 4th century, another view.  Recently,there have been excavations that have uncovered the 2-story synagogue. It was of a beautiful ornamented style cut in limestone, rather than the typical black basalt seen around the area, and was 65 feet long. The carved stone ornamentation depicted stylized plants, fruits, 5-pointed stars, geometric motifs, and even mythological figures. There were also dedicatory inscriptions written in Aramaic and Greek.




A New Review of New Caledonia: A Song of America

“William McEachern’s story telling craft continues to strengthen with each new book. His historical research is impressive. The battle scenes in New Caledonia are particularly vivid. Many moments linger in the imagination”
Ronald Mangravite author/critic

Historicity of Pontius Pilate- Revisited

Some two years ago, I wrote multiple articles of the historicity of Pontius Pilate.  To night on CNN in the United States at 9:oo pm and being repeated at 12 midnight on the show Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery, CNN is revisiting the so-called Pilate Stone.  This one keystone for a building, found in Caesarea  Maritima not only proves the existence of Pontius Pilate but also supplies  valuable information concerning his term of office in Judea and his correct title, and therefore his actual authority.  I would recommend viewing this show.